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New WildFly Project Lead

I am very excited to announce that Brian Stansberry (@bestansberry) will be taking on the role of WildFly project lead. Brian has been a major contributor to the project for almost 15 years now. During this time, he led a number of critical and complex subsystems including Clustering, Management, and most recently the cross-cutting cloud integration work. He is also one of our most active reviewers, and has helped many contributors navigate deep WildFly internals. Congratulations Brian!

It’s been a great journey, so I want to think each and every one of you for your contributions and support over the years. Our work as a community has frequently pushed the envelope, and led to WildFly being one of the most innovative and popular application servers available. While I will be moving on from this role, I won’t be too far way, still participating but tackling a new challenge (I’ll have more to say about that in the future).

With Brian at the helm, and all the great folks contributing to the project, I know WildFly has a bright future. I look forward to seeing the next chapter.

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Jason Greene

Former lead of the WildFly application server project. I am also a member of the JCP, and represent Red Hat on the Java EE specification. During my tenure at JBoss, I have worked in many areas including the application server, clustering, web services, AOP, and security. My interests include concurrency, distributed computing, hardware and programming language design.

Location:  Madison, WI

Occupation:  Chief Architect

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