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Welcome to the new WildFly.ORG!

Hello everyone. I recently revamped the WildFly.ORG website, and I hope you will find it to be a much more useful source of information about the WildFly project.


I’d like to take you through a short tour of what’s on the website. The website is based on the JBoss community bootstrap theme. So it should operate in a familiar manner to other JBoss community websites.

Main Landing Page

The first page aims to keep you up to date with the latest WildFly news and events.

The rotating banners in the center are clickable and will take you into an area that provides more information about the banner subject.

Below the banners we have the latest WildFly news, which is a specialized blog that will contain articles that we think Wildfly users, such as yourself, will find interesting. If you click on the RSS looking icon in the "Latest News" title you will get an atom feed for the news.

Clicking on the title links will take you into the article and display some information about the author. Aside from regular bloggers on the development team, we will post guest articles from community members with interesting WildFly experiences they would like to share. Let us know if you are interested!

On the right bottom section, our WildFlyAS twitter account will post interesting tweets, and frequently retweet WildFly commenters. If you like to talk about WildFly on twitter, you will probably see your tweets pop up here from time to time.

About Page

If you click About in the navigation bar, you’ll find a list of compelling reasons to use WildFly for your next project. We are certainly proud of what it has become.

News Page

The News page displays a number of entries at once, so you can catch up quickly.


The Downloads page displays a list of all WildFly releases since 8. For older releases you will need to visit the older JBoss AS Community page. If you are interested in our commercial offering, JBoss EAP, those releases are also referenced on that page.

All of the 8 binaries have multiple download options, so be sure to look carefully for the option and format you prefer.

Finally, we highly recommend reviewing the release notes icon at the bottom of each download entry. We always announce important information about the release regarding compatibility and known issues.


The Documentation link will take you into our official WildFly documentation, which is maintained in separate Confluence system. We allow comments, so if you have suggestions on how we can improve a particular page in the documentation, let us know!

Source Code

This takes you to our GitHub repository. From here you can search, browse, and fork our code.

Get Help

The Get Help section covers the various options available to get in touch with the WildFly community. These include our web based forums, mailing lists, and IRC.

Join Us

Since WildFly is a community project, we only exist because various developers around the world have decided to pitch in and help build a great application server. We are always looking for new volunteers, and the Join Us page will expand on the many benefits of doing so. It also provides helpful information to new contributors.


On the bottom footer there is a link to a page describing how we govern the WildFly project. If you are evaluating the project, you might find it useful to understand how we plan and develop it.

Special Thanks

To the various tools and people that helped.

  • Awestruct - a handy templating engine for generating nice static sites.

  • Asciidoctor - supports the best blog formatting language ever.

  • JBoss Bootstrap - a great starting template based on the awesome Twitter Bootstrap project.

  • Infinispan Website - a great bootstrap derived site I was able to reuse a few layouts and ideas from.

  • Arquillian Website - an awestruct derived site that had a nice little snippet of summary code I was able to reuse.

  • Blender - a really amazing OSS 3d ray tracing tool.

  • Gimp - a really amazing OSS 2d drawing program.

  • Brian, Marko, David & Tomaz - for testing the site on various mobile devices and providing general feedback.

  • James & Design Team - for the really nice logo.

  • Ruby - for reminding me why I love Java.

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