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WildFly 8 Webinar Recording

A few days ago, Brian Stansberry, Stuart Douglas and I presented a webinar on all of the major WildFly 8 features.

This video covers a number of topics including:

  • Java EE7

    • JSONP

    • Batch Processing

    • EE Concurrency

    • Productivity & Portability Improvements

  • Undertow

    • Performance

    • Servlet 3.1

    • Web Sockets

    • Non-blocking Handlers

    • HTTP Upgrade

    • Reverse Proxy

  • Management Role Based Access Control

    • Roles

    • Auditing

    • Privileges

    • Constraints

We also had some great questions at the end.

Role Based Access Control in WildFly 8

One of the big new features in WildFly 8 is the ability to enforce role based access control on managment operations. I recorded some videos that describe how you can use this powerful feature, and also demonstrate it in action. Check them out!


In the first part of the series, I walk through the basics of Role Based Access Control, and show how you can use standard roles within the WildFly Administration Console.


In the second video, I show how you can configure roles and setup users which map to roles.


In the final video, I show how you can configure constraints which allow you to tweak the behavior of roles.

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