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WildFly is Jakarta EE 8 Certified!

Tuesday was a great day in the world of enterprise Java. It’s been a long road since Jakarta EE was born following Oracle’s announcement that stewardship of Java EE would be moving to the Eclipse Foundation. But after a lot of hard work by folks in the Jakarta community, Jakarta EE 8 has been released. Congratulations to everyone involved with the Jakarta EE Platform project and all the various spec projects. The ability to enhance enterprise Java standards under an open-source model should bring great benefits to our communities.

I’m pleased to say that WildFly 17.0.1 has passed the Jakarta EE 8 TCK and our compatibility certification request has been approved by the Jakarta EE Spec Committee. So, WildFly is a Jakarta EE Full platform compatible implementation. We also remain a certified Java EE 8 compatible implementation.

My thanks to the many people whose work on WildFly and Jakarta EE made this certification possible, particularly to Scott Stark and Scott Marlow, who put in a lot of long days and nights on this. TCKs are not simple things, something you can now find out for yourself, as the move to Jakarta means the TCKs are all open source!

If you’re interested in the details of our certification request, they can be found at our certification repository.

Onward to WildFly 18!

Brian Stansberry

Brian Stansberry is the current lead of the WildFly application server project. He is best known for the development of the administration and management capabilities in WildFly and JBoss EAP 6. Previously, he was the technical lead for the application server’s high availability clustering features. Brian’s background is in international business and East Asian studies, with a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State and a master’s degree from Stanford. Before getting bitten by the software bug, Brian had a successful career in corporate finance in the semiconductor industry. He started working on JBoss technologies in 2003 and joined the company in 2005.

Location:  Ballwin, MO

Occupation:  WildFly Project Lead

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