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WildFly 17 S2I image has been released on!

WildFly 17 S2I image on

Starting with WildFly 17, the WildFly S2I Docker image is now accessible from at this URL:

A companion image, a WildFly runtime Docker image that allows you to chain builds in OpenShift or use Docker multi stage builds, is available from:

For a complete documentation on how to use these images using s2i, OpenShift and Docker, refer to this documentation.

WildFly 17 S2I image and the WildFly Operator

Images built with WildFly 17 or 16 S2I image can be managed by the WildFly Operator.

Documentation on how to install the Operator and use it can be found in WildFly Operator.

WildFly S2I implementation notes

The WildFly S2I image that used to be developed in the repository openshift-s2i/s2i-wildfly is now developed in wildfly/wildfly-s2i repository.

This image offers the same features that were provided by the WildFly 16 image. In addition, during S2I build you have now the ability to provision a WildFly server using Galleon.

Documentation on how to configure S2I build and WildFly server execution can be found there.

Chaining builds with runtime image

In order to benefit from OpenShit chained builds or docker multi stage builds to build an application image that only contains what is required to execute WildFly (S2I tooling being removed), we have introduced a docker wildfly-runtime-centos7 image into which you can copy the WildFly server and deployed application from the WildFly S2I generated application image.

This OpenShift template automates the chained builds to output a smaller application image.

Adding imagestreams and template to OpenShift

At some point the new images will be made available from OpenShift catalog and image repository. You can already use these images by adding them yourselves to your OpenShift cluster.

NB: If you import the image streams in your project, be sure to set ImageStreams Namespace to your project namespace in the template. openshift being the default namespace.

Jean-François Denise

Jean-François is a senior software engineer at Red Hat. He is the lead of the WildFly and Galleon command line tools and in charge of the WildFly S2I images.

Location:  France

Occupation:  Software Engineer

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