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After HipChat got closed down earlier this year we evaluated a few alternative chat solutions. During this period we temporarily moved community discussions back to IRC (#wildfly on Freenode).

We found that Zulip worked well for us and have now settled on this as our main chat tool. Thanks to the people at Zulip for their open source license!

To join in, go to and sign up. The most obvious stream to join is #wildfly-users for user questions. If you want to get involved in development, or keep tabs on what we are up to, #wildfly-developers. We also have more specific streams for development of larger app server areas (e.g. #wildfly-elytron and #undertow).

Kabir Khan

Kabir started using JBoss back in 2000, and joined the team in 2004. Since then he has worked on JBoss AS/WildFly as a core developer.

Location:  United Kingdom

Occupation:  Software Engneer

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