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Role Based Access Control in WildFly 8

One of the big new features in WildFly 8 is the ability to enforce role based access control on managment operations. I recorded some videos that describe how you can use this powerful feature, and also demonstrate it in action. Check them out!


In the first part of the series, I walk through the basics of Role Based Access Control, and show how you can use standard roles within the WildFly Administration Console.


In the second video, I show how you can configure roles and setup users which map to roles.


In the final video, I show how you can configure constraints which allow you to tweak the behavior of roles.

Brian Stansberry

Brian Stansberry is the current lead of the WildFly application server project. He is best known for the development of the administration and management capabilities in WildFly and JBoss EAP 6. Previously, he was the technical lead for the application server’s high availability clustering features. Brian’s background is in international business and East Asian studies, with a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State and a master’s degree from Stanford. Before getting bitten by the software bug, Brian had a successful career in corporate finance in the semiconductor industry. He started working on JBoss technologies in 2003 and joined the company in 2005.

Location:  Ballwin, MO

Occupation:  WildFly Project Lead

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